Tags provide a way to associate items on your site with a particular tag or topic. They are provided in 2 different styles(default and rounded) and in 5 different color variations (default, red, green, blue, orange). More colors and styles can be created by extending on the classes provided.

Example Usage:

  • Tag Default
  • Tag Rounded
  • Blue Tag
  • Red Tag
  • Green Tag
  • Orange Tag

Code Example:

        <ul class="tags">
            <li class="tag">Tag Default</li>
            <li class="tag tag-rounded">Tag Rounded</li>
            <li class="tag tag-blue">Blue Tag</li>
            <li class="tag tag-red tag-rounded">Red Tag</li>
            <li class="tag tag-green tag-rounded">Green Tag</li>
            <li class="tag tag-orange">Orange Tag</li>
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